BoostKing Tuning is owned and operated by Brett Lundquist.  I have been in the automotive aftermarket for 15+ years, and I have been tuning and teaching for the past 8 years.  Formerly, I enjoyed the roll as an engineer with SCT/Bully Dog, responsible for creating training courses and calibrations for Ford vehicles.  Currently I am employed by The Tuning School, as Director of Research and Development and Training Instructor for various projects.   Like many of you, I have been obsessed with fast cars and trucks since I was a child.  I also loved to tinker with things and figure out how they worked.  I also had a passion for computers and technology, but always came back to cars as my obsession.    Tuning allowed my two hobies to come together and gave me another thing to tinker with. I have been hooked ever since.  I strive to provide the best calibration your vehicle can have.  My philosophy is to approach each vehicle as a unique individual, collect data, and create a calibration that is both safe, fun, and exciting for my customer through repeated datalog sessions and revisions.  I will not sacrifice quality for quantity, and I am not out to sell a thousand tunes a month.  I am here to build a reputation for providing the best custom tunes I can.  Every day I want to learn something new and continue to grow and develop my knowledge, so that I can further my abilities and provide those benefits to my customers.